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RJ Kumar

Director of Photography | Lead Candid Photographer

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Hello everyone,

Let me give you an idea about the journey of my love life.. Hey guys, dont get astonished.. I picked up a camera and i found ever falling love with my passion..

  • Its just the 11th year of journey in my carrier. My passion to capture more memories of other's happiness in their special occasions like wedding ceremony, birthday celebration as Çañdid Photographer with my ever sweet friend ''5D Markiii"
  • I quit my Bachelor degree in commerce to quench my thirst of passion towards photography.. period of 3years from the year 2008 in "CLICK & SHOOT" studio as an assistant has given a great platform in learning basics.
  • Then my interest dragged me into film industry as assistant camera man for few films and also i got chance to work in Vijay television then i did my Bachelor's in visual communication at Loyola college, chennai.
  • Many ups and downs in the world of photography made me to take a courageous step in becoming a Freelancer Photographer in 2014 wit my own effort i bought '' 5d markiii'' with an identity 'RJ kumar photography'.
  • In 2016, prize of second place in the competition entitled ''Shades of Blue'' organised by MOP (vaishnava college for woman) has kindled my interest in a magnificent way.
  • I was the only person in my company when I started it. I was driving my own single army – from booking to shooting to editing to printing – I handled all the operations all alone when I started. It has been a journey of a lot of hard work, mental and physical labor is not as easy as it sounds but when passion is an ingredient in this mixture, everything else gets blinded and all you reap is joy.
  • I'm very grateful to my supportive studios, family, friends, intial clients those still support and encourage and also for trusting me, without them this wouldnt be possible and constantly pushing myself to learn new styles of photography.
  • Rightnow, I got opportunity to narrate the beautiful stories of your happy moments like wedding ceremony, birthdays, portraits etc.. with my new identity as 'Mount Blossom photography' along with my new Sony 7riii